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Mini Surveillance Camera System

Well this is a simple concept of looking at who is at your door by just looking at a screen/ the screen comes up with the picture of whoever is walking in front of the area where you have placed the camera.
For this, I used the cheap chinese reverse parking kit which you get to buy from the online stores.
You might need to have a camera wiring or a cat6 cable already installed prior to this.

The wiring diagram is as below.

Parts you will need for this:

1: Reverse Parking Kit + Camera
2: 12V AC to DC adapter
3: 5V AC to DC Adapter
4: Calling Bell
5: Motion Sensor
6: 5V Relay module
7: on off momentary switch

The parts i bought are shown below.

I used an old Routers casing to hold the 12v and 5v adapter rather than having two bulky adapters off the wall. It holds the monitor display too.


I used a female ethernet port to connect all the wires to the cat6 wiring on the wall so that its easier to attach the whole setup and detach it as above.


Instead of using batteries for the calling  bell, I am gonna hook it up to the 5V adapter.

Testing the motion sensor and the Relay if it works as desired


Making sure i dont mix up the wires.

Using the casing of the 12V Adapter to hold the motion sensor and the camera to set it up outside the house facing the door.


Finishing up the interior setup.


I think i should redo it to hide the power outlet board.


Mini Burglar Alarm system

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