This page just shows my minor modification to my R15 and you could possibly use this idea to modify a headlamp assembly for R15.
This is what i did to mine..!

LED Headlight
Okay, so if you want to modify your headlamps and get those cool looking lamps in your headlight assembly, with that uniform light spread and throw, but got many questions in your head? Don't worry! Even I've been through all those phases, but patience is what you really need to achieve success here.
Trying to divide your project into multiple things will help you a lot. Here's how I divided it myself:
1. Scouting for the correct Power LEDs for my application. This includes imagination, visualization of how a particular set of LEDs will look as you can see in the pictures, even before it's finished.
2. Opening the headlamp assembly.
3. Mounting and fixing the lamps to the headlamp assembly. This includes designing of a base that holds the lamps in place inside the stock headlight assembly.
4. Putting stuff in place. This includes fitting the lamps onto the base mount and then placing the mount back in its place inside the headlamp assembly
5. Finishing the Modd. This includes covering all the empty spaces, re-sealing the Headlamp assembly, etc.
Now, if that appears simple and easy, here are the other things that you must take care of:
1.Proper opening and re-sealing of Headlamp assembly / unit. How to open it? How to re-seal it perfectly?
2. Any changes to wiring/electricals that maybe required. This might also include making of customized electrical adapters for connecting the projectors to the stock headlight connectors.

Getting Started

So..You will need all these things mentioned below for the modd.
1. A headlamp set as you wouldn't wanna mess around with the original one that comes with the bike.
2. Bulbs and Holders
    Two Power LEDs ( 3W x 2 )
    Two Power LEDs ( 1W x 2 )
    Four spotlights ( 50W x 4 )
    Holders for the 3W LEDs and metal holders for the 4 50W spotlights.
3. M-Seal (for joining and fixing the lamps)
4. 2 circular CFL Rings.
5. Black Satin Mat Asian Paints and brush.
6. Silicon Sealant ( for final fixture of the headlamps to make them air-tight )
7. Patience :p

Opening the headlamp assembly-
    This is the toughest part and requires a lot of hard work. People would recommend using an Oven to bake the headlight assembly so the sealent would melt and you could just take the lens apart off the headlamps easily but, most of us wouldn't have a huge oven that would allow the headlight to stay inside.
Hence i used a hair dryer. The hot air produced by the hair dryer is more than enough to heat the sealent in between the lens and the headlights assembly to melt it. The sad part is .. it just takes time to heat the sealent and remove the lens off the headlamp base.
This took me about 3 hours to get the lens off the headlamp assembly.

Moving Forward

Assembling the Lights-
    You will need the spotlights to stay away from the headlight lenses due to the extensive heat emitted by them. Make sure none of the lamps are closer to the clear lens.
Hence i made two different levels making sure that all the holders are parallel to each other facing at a similar direction.
So, the best way is to keep the holders arranged on two different thick sized book novels that would provide two different parallel levels.

The LED lamps are powered by a step down inverter DC Circuit. If you dont have the patience to make one, you can probably use a car cigarrete charger as it contains one of these circuits.
Make sure that the LED Lamps dont heat up or there is a serious problem with the circuit.
Test the spotlights by connecting them individually to the headlamp sockets.

 After the testing is done. use Silicon sealant o seal the assembly air-tight which would make it water proof.

R15 Speedo

I always liked the Speedometer (RPM Meter or Tachometer) of the R125 compared to the one for the R15.
So, This just shows how you could possibly change yours to look like the one for the R125


And after all the hardwork.. This is what would happen if you doze off while riding back home after a tiring day's of work at office. :'(

My bike's new lights with 4 warm white CFLs..

At night - Angel eye/CFL rings

Here is the video..
Cheers :P

25th Jan 2016
Been so long since i visited my Blog.
Modded the bike a lot..
Here is a pic..

Change the colour to Blue.
R15 v2 tyre hugger on top of FZ16 v1 Tyre hugger
Fz16 v1 Tyre hugger modded to fit underneath.


  1. Hello Bevin,
    A question how often you have to recharge your battery?

  2. Hi Jordy,
    Well..I switch the lights on only when the bike (engine) is running, so that way it wud use the alternator than most of the battery. Its been about 5 months and i ve not noticed a batery drain or a low charge.
    Hopefully it stays the same :P

  3. hi manju here :) good job bro hmmmm when will i ge my hands on them

  4. Hey Bevin...!! Nice Job... Infact Fabulous.. I own a Fazer-2010 model. any mod suggestions for that is appreciated..


  5. Hi Rohit,
    This =is ur bike imagine
    n this is the superbike FZ1
    thers only a color diff, from silver to dark metallic grey, u can try changing that colour.
    for ur tail light.. check this link'
    that tail light is damn easy to make.
    n for the headlights..its pretty much the same like an r15.. u can do a betr modd of it..
    use projector lamps(not more than 2)

  6. hey yur bike iz so awesome cn yu giv some mre info plzz ??

  7. your bike headlamps are looking to good.i have also buyed new r15 recently and i have a dream of getting that headlamps in my bike too and good work yaar

  8. This is a gr8 post dude ! It helps a lot ! would you plz explain abt mounting the lamps in the stock case ?

    1. the projectors can be screwd into the headlamp case. make holes and fix them with nut and bolt.
      Once you open it, you could figure it out...

    2. Awesome modification,can you please tell me the low and high beam watts.i mean the stock has 70w total(35/35). Thank you

  9. I loved it man !! you are just awesome !!

  10. hey man..... great mods.... i too wanted 2 change my tachometer frm black 2 white..... so hw do i get dat done...??

  11. hey frnd..this is akki from kolkata...u really did a unpredicted job,,,n hard work...can u suggest from where do i get all these materials of angel light,,,n lamps for my R15..plz do send some suggestions...plz its a request frnd...
    my email- akhil_4uonline@rediffmail.com

  12. The white cfl bulb you used are of how many watt ?? are they 14 or 15W ??

    1. the cfl doesnt work anymore :(
      i dont rememmber what it was.. it was philips though

  13. Hi... I have fixed the projector for r15. I have given a black powder coating for the glitter. I want to get back to my old stock kind of lighting. Do i have to change the whole assembly.? or just i can get glitter alone..? Can u please tell me the price of assembly and glitter

  14. Hi ,
    Its called a reflector,
    you wont get that separetely.. the whole assembly costs Rs.2400 at a yamaha spare parts shop.

  15. i like your blog too much so i you have written this blog very nicely and with your complete efforts as i have done my own LED so i would like to thank you dear for sharing it with us and keep keep it up dear for more informative blogs

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  17. led recessed light very nice blog here i have found dear for reading and also for getting some information about head lights for bikes so keep it up for us

  18. hei bro..
    ur bikes jz stunnin..!!!
    i too wanna do the same 2 mine..
    whr do u stay?
    can i hav yo contact no??
    please mail me to anupthomasj@gmail.com

    1. Sure you can do it, it would just cost more, i would suggest you to get the new aluminium swing arm and wheel of the new v2.
      Contact number at the end of the page.
      (can help you with ideas and suggestions)

  19. hey dude can u plz tell me da price of this whole assembly...... email me abhishekrao46@gmail.com.....even i am intrested in this type of mod for my r15v2.0....... :)

    1. you can do this by yourself.. it would cost max 3500.. if you get it ready made it would be around 5k.. They do it in JC road i gues..

  20. Hey, nice work with the lights! Do you by any chance stay at banaswadi and do you play the drums every sunday morning? Your parking lot seems very familiar! :)

    1. Thought as much! Good job with the drumming mate! If you see someone waving out from the 2nd floor of the building opposite your place(Rakesh FP), do wave back! :)

    2. gosh.. you are my neighbour? :D
      cool.. i havent made any friends yet ...
      come home instead of waving :P

  21. gr8 job dude.its helping guyz like us betw dude i have a query...i jst bought a r15 v2.0 and m also looking for LED's but just teme one thing i heard that if any problem rises related to wiring of the bike if v have fixed dis lamp in betw one yr the showroom guyz don't do it and if they do they charge fo it...is it true..??

  22. gr8 job dude.its helping guyz like us betw dude i have a query...i jst bought a r15 v2.0 and m also looking for LED's but just teme one thing i heard that if any problem rises related to wiring of the bike if v have fixed dis lamp in betw one yr the showroom guyz don't do it and if they do they charge fo it...is it true..??

    1. Hi.
      Mostly there wont be any problem arising with the wiring, as all the modd of the lights would be inside the headlamp assembly. the outer connectors wont be touched. so if anythin goes wrong, maybe your fuse (in fuse box) may blow out or there would be some prob withing the headlamp assembly.
      Modding the headlamp assembly indirectly is tampering with the electric warranty of the bike. hence you get charged for any damage caused if the lights are modded (it wont be covered in waranty). But thats a rare case. it usually doesnt happen if you connect everything the right way .

  23. Hii dude i loved ur led modd....i wud love to do it too but ther are question coming to ma mind like step down inverter dc circuit what it is and that cigrt lighter can be used how i can use it and which bulb u fixed in the first reflector with the angel eye and does all the 6 bulbs are connected with it?
    And if i make changes with the stock one Will i be able to fix the original ones back?

    1. Hi Araish,
      I got ur wuestion and know what you mean. i had the same prob when i started all this.

      You dont have to worry about anyhtin i wrote above, when i started this modding work with LED.. there were no LEDs available in shops (i mean Power LED designed for automobile purpose) so.. i bought LEDs (power leds that work on 5W 6V) now u c.. that 6v is a pain in the ass cos our bike gives 12 v. so.. i bought a ciggrette charger.. opened it. (a charger steps down 12v to 6v) so used it to power the LED.
      I wouldnt suggest u to go with this modd anymore. You get ready made LED bulbs with resistors a direct fit for a 12 v. But chuck the LEDs..
      GO to the projector page n see the lights.. those are better.
      LED gives out a lot of heat.. everythin is a waste..
      I wud suggest u to go buy projecotr(2)(use as dip) and two h4 bulbs(use as headlight). with CFL rings as angel lights. once u fix this.. dont have to worry abt anythin getting burnt.

  24. Okey thanx for the advice i wud love to do that:)

  25. That was super awesome mate! Will definitely try it out.

  26. Dude..you have an awsome post for r15 fans..one thing i want to know how did you change the odometer to that of r125..do write a DIY for that..eagerly waiting to get that done to my bike..

  27. Dude..you have an awsome post for r15 fans..one thing i want to know how did you change the odometer to that of r125..do write a DIY for that..eagerly waiting to get that done to my bike..

    1. hi, please mail me. bevinabraham@yahoo.com
      ill let u kno how to do it.
      its just a sticker. couldnt attach the file here.. so any odometer.. mail me.. i ll giv the image to u..
      Dont worry .
      everything is free here :P and i dont n will nvr charge for nythin. Lol :P

  28. hi friend how was it possible plz get me any guidance i also have a r15

  29. hi friend how was it possible plz get me any guidance i also have a r15

    1. Hi pls mail me ur questions,

  30. hey bro i bec a fan of urs can u say me how to change speeder meter

  31. Power of the engine belongs to the R15 150 cc 16.3 hp at 8,500 rpm and torsi14,5 Nm at 7,500 rpm.
    The cylinder compression 10.4: 1. R25 points in the dashboard.Yamaha R15 dan Yamaha R25 Motor Sport Racing dan Kencang

  32. Hello Bevin the modded bike looks awesome, how did you put those inverted shock covers? please explain